We are creating dynamic, responsive and mobile friendly websites in Joomla! CMS.

Joomla! is a free open source CMS web site development system. The focus of this system is to simply publish, delete and modify content on web pages. Writing new text is done on the site itself, in a web browser. For something like this Joomla! it has built-in text editors for simple and easy input of new content. In fact, just writing text in Joomla is reminiscent of writing in MS Word. Everything that has to do with code, HTML and classic web programming is not visible to the user - this is what the system cares about. Joomla! You can update the sites yourself with the most basic knowledge of working on your computer. The cost of making the site depends on the request of the client and starts from 250e upwards.

The sites we create are responsive. Site dimensions are automatically adjusted to the screen of the device from which the site is accessed (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone) to make the content highly visible and easy to navigate.

What else do you need to have?

In addition to creating a site, you need to have a leased internet domain and hosting for your site. They are leased from a hosting provider and prices start from 50e annually depending on the package.