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The speed of a laptop largely depends on the drive that is installed, so installing an NVMe or SSD drive as a system drive drastically improves performance. For example, the approximate startup speed of Windows 10 on our hard drive test laptop is 79 seconds, while with an SSD it is only 17 seconds.

NVMe disks are the latest generation drives, with high read and write speeds, built into M.2 slots that can be found on newer laptops up to a couple of years old, with older laptops that do not have an M.2 slot, SSD can be built in place of the standard hard disk or instead of a CD / DVD drive. An NVMe disk can be installed on a desktop computer, and if there is no M.2 slot, a classic SATA SSD can be installed. After installing the SSD or NVMe disk, you need to install a new operating system or clone the existing one.