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Cleaning the laptop from dust

Cleaning the laptop from dust is the most important process when maintaining laptops, irregular cleaning leads to overheating of internal components, noisy work and shorther life of the laptop. Cleaning is recommended every year and replacement of thermal paste every 2-3 years although this interval can be shorter for laptops that are used intensively.

We are offering data recovery service of inaccessible and deleted files from hard drives and memory cards. You have deleted files by mistake, formatted the disk by mistake or when you connect the hard disk you get a notification that the drive is not formatted? In each of the above cases it is advisable to stop any further work with the disk, because the success of file recovery depends on it, and bring the hard disk or computer for diagnostics and recovery.

The speed of a laptop largely depends on the drive that is installed, so installing an NVMe or SSD drive as a system drive drastically improves performance. For example, the approximate startup speed of Windows 10 on our hard drive test laptop is 79 seconds, while with an SSD it is only 17 seconds.

We are offering installations of Windows and Linux operating systems on new desktops and laptops as well as reinstallation of the existing operating systems on your old computers.

We are offering computer assembly from components that you provide to us, beside that we can give you advices about selection of components or we can procure components according to your wishes. We can install the operating system and desired programs on the assembled and tested configuration.

The fault diagnosis is free of charge unless the customer cancels the repair. Upon completion of the diagnostics, the procurement of replacement components is carried out in the most convenient shops in the city. If you want to improve the performance of your computer, we will suggest an upgrade that suits your needs and budget best.

This procedure involves a thorough scan of your hard drives with a combination of anti-virus and anti spyware software, after which the viruses will no longer be a threat to your data. The price of this service is formed depending on the amount of data on the computer, the degree of infection and the speed of the computer. Cleaning a virus from your computer is a process that must be done expertly and permanently. This means that due to the tendency of virus reinfection and re-infection, the computer must be completely cleaned. We use professional and legal software to clean the virus from your computer.


Cleaning your computer from dust is part of your regular computer maintenance and is required to be done every 12-18 months, depending on use, especially before the summer heat. The fan draws dust in the computer, which collects over time enough to completely clog the slots on the coolers, so it is no longer possible to cool the chips.

Nudimo Vam instalaciju najnovijeg Microsoftovog operativnog sistema WINDOWS 10 na nove desktop i laptop računare kao i reinstalaciju postojećeg operativnog sistema na Vašem postojećem računaru.